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ABS-CBN’s First in the Philippine Broadcasting History (Part 5)

Posted by rency0722 on February 25, 2010

As we go through the digital age, ABS-CBN will mark again histories in line with their shift to digital television

ABS-CBN in High Definition (Fan-made)

FIRST Broadcasting Network to Enter Digital Television

  • ABS-CBN currently applied for Digital TV service and will utilize Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial (DVB-T), with the joint venture to Europe’s Impeq Technologies to implement digital signals throughout the country. Besides, these digital signals also allow households to watch ABS-CBN, Studio 23, and the company’s 6 other affiliates in High Definition (HD) Format.

Balls HD


  • Balls HD, broadcasting ABS-CBN Sports like UAAP and NCAA in SkyCable HD, is the first channel to simulate broadcasting in High Definition format

UAAP and NCAA in High Definition


  • UAAP Season 73 Men’s Basketball is the first program to be broadcasted in HD locally, with their media partner ABS-CBN Sports. UAAP Season 73 Men’s Basketball is shown on HD on its whole season in Balls HD, SkyCable Channel 166. As of now, ABS-CBN Sports planned to offer NCAA HD, in line with the continuous UAAP in High Definition format.

Tambayan 101.9 HD Radio

FIRST Network-based Radio Station in the country to operate in HIGH DEFINITION RADIO.

  • DWRR 101.9, now reformatted as Tambayan 101.9 San Ka Pa? Has now utilized high definition radio as part of their reinforcement plan on giving their listeners the greatest quality of any radio stations could have. HD Radio offers 5.1 digital surround sound audio quality, as well as greater signal reception.

Sony HDC-1400 Camera

FIRST to acquire HIGH DEFINITION cameras for DTTV shift

  • ABS-CBN, in partnership with Sony, acquired 24 multi-million HDC-1400 Portable Studio cameras in line with the upgrade of their studio facility in the ABS-CBN Headquarters in Quezon City.


FIRST TV Network to operate tapeless productions in Southeast Asia

  • With the use of newly-intergrated Sony XDCAM HD cameras, ABS-CBN once again dethroned any other TV networks in the country to do tapeless productions. Last 2008, ABS-CBN, in partnership with Sony, used Sony Professional Disks instead of tapes in recording TV shows and live streamings.

Inside ABS-CBN's HD OB Van

FIRST to have an HD OB Van

  • In line with the network’s migration to digital television broadcast, ABS-CBN, with Snell Kahuna, purchased SD/HD multiformat switchers for full-HD integrated production. Aside from that, ABS-CBN upgrades their Outside Broadcast (OB) Vans from SD to HD, which became the first in the Philippine History.

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